Fuzzy psych-pop trio Video Daughters summoned this week’s commute-friendly playlist. Catch Video Daughters Saturday, June 7 in the backyard of 94 Evergreen in Bushwick with Alien Trilogy. Come stroll with us after the jump.

Drummer Randy Riback elaborates:


Unfortunately, our music isn’t up on Spotify so this list will have to do without. Still, these are some jams that I really care about. I do a lot of music listening on the subway or while walking about the city and I seem to gravitate more towards catchy, melodic stuff while doing so. I really feel like it’s hard for me to ignore a lot of the harsh truths of life that makeup a typical commute in New York. I guess I tend to look to a droney pop song as means of escape while going about my day. I usually leave all the noise/techno/avant stuff for my turntable at home. That stuff sounds better on vinyl, anyway

Vinyl snobs? I knew I liked these guys.

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