As most of you have probably noticed Greenpoint’s population is rising faster than new condos. As each year goes by, I find it harder to cross the street. What was once relatively quiet area with stray dogs running around, is now a small city in its own right. I decided to measure the local transportation boom by counting the number of bicycles that rode passed me in an hour’s time and I was pretty surprised by the answer.

Last week, we asked YOU, dear readers, for your guesses and here were the results: there was a total of 44 guesses, ranging from 42 bikes to 1002 (and one special guy guessed $1).

But, 1 lucky Greenpointer hit the nail right on the head– an exact guess!! This young man or lady will be treated to a sweet tune up from the bro’s down at Silk Road Cycles. Congrats to (drumroll) GREG, our very own brilliant mathematician/ psychic commenter.

And now without further ado…watch this video to see the winning number.



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