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Gloomy psych-rock critters Clouder pulled together this week’s mix just before the sky parted and the sun finally poured out. Too soon to experience glimmers of nostalgia for the gray tail-end of winter? Nah.

Bassist Max Goransson illuminates:

 When I first sat down to do this, I was planning on doing a fun, quick thing with lots of ’70s punk and power-pop. But, I guess the weather got to me. It’s gray and cold and wet and I just want to listen to a bunch of dark psychedelic shit now. So, I ended up going in a completely different direction. So much so that I had to kind of just tack on my band’s song at the end because otherwise it would fuck up my flow.

I usually make fun mixes, though. In fact, invite me back for a sequel and I will do the opposite of this. Or don’t and just imagine the possibilities. In the meantime, get spacey and depressed with me.

Is there such a thing as a fun bummer? This mix makes me think maybe yes.


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