The creators of the Turntable.FM room (RIP TTFM), Dad Jams, rejoin to ignite Williamsburg with garage beers, mall sneakers and the finest in blue-eyed soul and other tunes perfect for changing oil to. Ready for a sneak peak? Exposed chest hair optional.

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Various members explain their picks via email:

Jill Spradley: My essential Dad Jam is The Moody Blues – In Your Wildest Dreams. It’s the song that I randomly heard one day while in the grocery store (of course), and it got me thinking about the concept of a Dad Jam. A day later I started the turntable room.

Russ Marshalek: Here’s the thing: ultimately, a Dad Jam needs to be about being free and reaching that ultimate pinnacle of dadness. “Young Turks” does that in 20 seconds and then keeps going.

Zack Smith: “Valerie” is the ultimate Dad Jam

Erin Litt: My top jam is “Gimme the Night” by George Benson. I can picture my dad awkwardly swaying to it with a Tom Collins in one hand and a handful of quaaludes in the other. I bet many a dad
tried to cop a feel off Mom to this jam. It’s right on.
Liz Raftery: Remember tossin’ the ball with Dad in the backyard? This quintessential Dad Jam is the perfect accompaniment for a Little League tournament or a company softball game, both trademark VFF activities.
Marley Magaziner: This might be considered a Cool Aunt Jam but Carole King > Neil Sedaka, know what I’m sayin? Ok, probably not. My point is, Ms. King can jam and dad admits to having played Tapestry to show his feminist side.
Jim Taylor  ( Dad Host): Cool. So I’m gonna go with something that’s kind of biographical. Mink DeVille, “Spanish Stroll”… “Hey Mister Jim / I can see the shape you’re in / Finger on your eyebrow, left hand on your hip / Think you’re such a lady killer / Think you’re so slick… / Well alright.” But there’s always an argument for the Sex Pistols’ version of the Eddie Cochran song: something else. With his the slightly goofy, cocky, naive Sid Vicious captures it perfectly. And it is absolutely danceable. Wow bummer. I realize both those guys are dead. Actually so is Eddie Cochran… We’re gonna die young…

Leah Taylor: I danced to it with my dad at my wedding. But I also grew up dancing to it in the family room, every time it came on MTV or when my dad put on the record. George Harrison is Very Fatherly, but it’s this song specifically that will always mean “dad” to me. (Unfortunately original version isn’t on spotify. this is why Dad doesn’t do “streaming.”)

Dad gets down Friday, April 25 at Glasslands starting at 11:30 p.m. (Dad is rambunctious on Fridays, you know). Check out more details on the Facebook event page and make requests for your favorite loafer-tapper to Dad here:

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