This may have happened today in Flushing, Queens, but nevertheless Greenpointers is ON IT.  Today, for a mere three hours, visitors were invited into the remnants of the New York State Pavilion.  This building is one of the structures remaining from the 1964 New York World’s Fair, and is currently in the spotlight as the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair is upon us.  It’s also been in the news lately as a variety of restoration efforts are being contemplated.

The line for a tour of the NY State Pavilion.

Clearly, the World’s Fair and these suspended disks still hold a place in the city’s collective imagination.  When I arrived fifteen minutes before tours were set to begin, the line already stretched across the park, and after ten minutes on it I was already far from the end.  The crowd was a diverse collection of young and old, and spirits were high.  Everyone seemed to delight in the chance to show off vintage memorabilia and share stories of the 1964 and 1939 fairs.  Despite the levity, I soon gave up on getting a tour and walked to the front, where I was lucky enough to catch the gates opening.  Many had been at it quite a while: the man at the front of the line had arrived at six in the morning.

Were you there, either today or in 1964-1965?  Share your stories in the comments!

The Gates Open

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