Once again, we had a super successful market last weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the season, lounge on the roof deck, and shop for local goods from our fabulous vendors. And special thanks to Yuka Miyata for doing an amazing job organizing it all!  Check out market photos here.

Also remember the awesome flowery photo booth that we had upstairs? The photos have arrived and we learned that the attractive level of Greenpointers is ridiculously high. Thanks to Gus Ponce for manning the camera! You can see the results here and tag yourselves!

And now, I’ve made some high school yearbook-style category winners, for your viewing pleasure:

Most Likely to Succeed: This girl. She’s gonna to grow up to be really cool, it’s just obvious. And she’s only like 8-years-old.


Cutest Couple: Anne Hathaway and the dude from Pitch Perfect came to our market, guys! But for real, you both look really happy together.

Cutest Couple Runner Up: If you’re not a couple, consider becoming one?

Best Friends Forever: These chicks.

Cute Overload: My heart is exploding.

Most Adorable All-Around Family: It’s kind of ridiculous how attractive this family is. Plus they have a dog AND a baby (double points)

Cute Family Runner Up: (only came in 2nd because they don’t have a dog…yet).

Most Likely to Be an Album Cover: Just start a band already.


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