Tonight the Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St) is upping the beer game in Greenpoint with a one time only Super Duper Taps event where you can try some insane and out there beer you won’t find anywhere else, like a secret cask from a brand new brewery.

This is what Dave, Diamond owner and beer genius, had to say:

Every week, we strive to showcase a great cross section of beer styles on just eight taps.  For a “beer bar,” our selection is small, but we prefer that tight list  to a dizzying wall of choices.  There are so many utterly unique and off the wall things happening in the world of beer right now and we like to balance a selection of those head-spinning beers with session beers and other traditional, delicious styles.  But, on April 10th, we are jumping out of our comfort zone to bring you only the most wild and crazy that we can find.

And here is some of the beer you can start drooling over:

Del Borgo Caos, 7.5%, Italy
Not just aged in wine barrels…this guy is a true hybrid! 25% Malvasia grapes, 75% Malted Barley.


Domus Suma, 7.2%, Spain
Toasted ale with local honey which lends it both sweetness in the nose and a slight sourness on the palate. It is balanced against a refined malt bill with grains toasted by the brewer.

Monarchy Methusalem, 10%, Germany
The city of Dortmund is known for the Dortmunder Export, a malty, Pilsnerish lager brewed since the late 1800’s. But, before that, the city produced the Adambier style; a strong, dark, altbier, that was aged in wood for one year or more. Here it is again, lovingly re-created by The Monarchy.

Local Option Kentucky Common, 6.5%, USA
A pre-prohibition style in the American whiskey heartland. This is traditionally brewed with a sour mash and aged in whiskey barrels.

Trois Dames La Tentation, 6.8%, Switzerland
This saison is fermented with yeast from the acclaimed Dupont brewery and is secondarily fermented with a witbier yeast. Then, the beer spends a year in oak barrels before being refermented with wild yeasts from the skins of local Reinette Blanche apples. Acidity is balanced by apple notes and hop bitterness.

Stillwater Nebuchadnezzar Remix, 7%, USA
Stillwater adds brettanomycees wild yeast & saison yeast to the intensely hoppy Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar.

Del Ducato Brett Peat Daydream, 7%, Italy
This is a real fireworks beer as there are so many intense flavors competing for your attention. It is brewed with peat-smoked malts and aged in Scotch barrels while brettanomycees wild yeast is introduced to add a funky punch.

Schneider Porter Weisse, 8%, Germany
The Schneider brewery has taken their classic strong dark wheat beer, Aventinus, a step further. This beer pulls some cues from a classic English porter with chocolate and coffee notes while still showcasing a soft, creamy, and slightly sweet palate.

???? (cask), USA
Brand spankin’ new brewery…to hot to mention!

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