Cause there's a fire, y'all.


…And that will be the title of my forthcoming memoir. Until then, let us remember that the smell was caused by a brush fire, not Chris Christie.

Just pretend that it’s summer and we’re all sitting by the campfire, inhaling that sweet smokey smell of nature. Try to forget that there is an actual fire in a forest somewhere 90 miles South of Manhattan. Close your eyes. Dream a little dream. And maybe stay inside so as to not activate that asthma. All cool?

P.S. The odor will be “observable” for the next 12 hours and as of this very moment, the fire is about 50% contained.

But, REAL TALK: we’re not happy that a nature preserve is burning. Save the osprey!


That is all.



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  1. As I was walking to the G-train this morning I was looking at every building, assuming at least one of them was on fire!

  2. The Christie bashing is typical of the left wing who excel at such things. Innocent until proven guilty is not something their politics allows for.

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