Greenpoint Fire Photo: @cheze

The sky over Greenpoint was lit up last night and the dark plume of smoke from the fire that burned over a 600 sq. foot industrial area could be seen as far as NJ. (And that’s far!) The fire is finally out and the photos we have collected are incredible.

Greenpoint Fire Photo: @patricksullivan77

The four alarm fire that raged at a Greenpoint recycling plant last night was finally put out at 6am this morning with the efforts of over 150 firefighters, as reported by NBC.

Greenpoint Fire Photo: localcreativebk

There is even some pretty sweet drone footage that capture an aerial view of the inferno.

Greenpoint Fire Photo: @pinkfotoblack

The fire began at 7pm on Tuesday evening on Humboldt St and Greenpoint Ave. It didn’t help that the entire industrial building was filled with cardboard recyclables and that structural walls collapsed making it even harder for firefighters to access the blaze. While the Fire Chief reported there were no officially complaints of abnormal air quality, our Facebook and Twitter feeds showed otherwise.

Greenpoint Fire Photo: @kickhisasscbass

Luckily no one was killed or seriously injured. Four fight fighters sustained minor injured while working to put out the fire.

Greenpoint Fire Photo @dis_satisfied
Greenpoint Fire Photo: @shernnotsean
Greenpoint Fire Photo: @katiesokoler
Greenpoint Fire Photo: @grantellisphoto

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