Community Town Hall G Train Meeting

Yes, the rumors are true. The G train will be suspended this Summer, BUT only between Long Island City and Nassau Ave. Still, this is going to be a huge inconvenience for commuters, especially for those Greenpointers who travel  to Midtown daily via Court Square.

The suspension will take place from July 26 through Sept 1, “due to Sandy-related repairs.”  The MTA is promising to resolve the situation with free shuttle service. But we all know how much of a sweaty clusterf*ck shuttle service can be.

If you’d like to air your grievances (and we’re sure you might have more than a few) there will be a Community Town Hall hosted by Senator Daniel Squadron on Thursday 4/3 @ The Polish Slavic Center (176 Java St) at 6pm.  Be sure to adequately drill your elected officials, so that this shutdown doesn’t cause mass chaos on Nassau come Summertime.

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  1. I never understood why the 43 bus ended where it does. It should go over the Pulaski bridge and then make that UTurn and back. That way people can get off for the 7 or E trains. Just ending at Manhattan Ave cuts off a big group of people it can help.

    1. Agreed Gina!
      If anyone reading this is going to that meeting – maybe make that suggestion!
      They could also run more B62s….

    2. The B43 services people who live from Ash to Green Streets. If it followed the B Sixty-Screw then those people would be even more isolated from public transportation and the G train.

    3. My guess is that the B62 overlaps that route for most of its length along Manhattan Avenue, so the MTA doesn’t see it as necessary. I’d love to see the B43 go to Court Square so people can get the 7/E/M without having to wait for a B62.

  2. If there’s no way around this closure, a shuttle going up McGuinness Blvd starting from BQE/Meeker and then across Pulaski bridge to Court Square would 1. divert some of the crowd from Manhattan Ave buses and 2. obviate the extra commuting time a shuttle requires (for those of us aaaall the way on the other end of Nassau/Driggs/Norman etc)

  3. Sandy practically destroyed the G train and its a miracle that they ever got up and going again, why on earth would you not want them to fix it properly? Unless this meeting is to make sure they have massive amounts of shuttle buses going, in which case, agreed.

  4. So for those people who are travelling daily to midtown, whats an alternative option?? walking 20 minutes to the L on bedford?

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