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On 2/21, a 25-year-old wild woman jumped the entrance at the Metropolitan Avenue G station. When she was finally caught by a cop, she punched, kicked, and BIT him (and was ultimately charged with a felony assault). GOOD JOB!

In other weird crime news, a pair of ski-mask-wearing bandits robbed a man as he was walking home from the train on Metropolitan and Graham. They took one look at his bag and returned it to him. No one was injured.

ALSO a bank robber took off with nearly $2,000 after threatening to shoot the teller at a “financial institution” (not specified) on Manhattan and Greenpoint. The robber reportedly handed the bank teller a note (at 1:40pm) that said “10 seconds to give me $2,000 or I shoot her…Test me.”

Oh, and a group of thieves stole a painting worth $10,000 during an art heist at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery (235 S. 1st St). Two pieces (worth $8,000 each) are still missing. (CBS Local)

Bill de Blasio secured an addition 40 units of affordable housing for the plan for the new building to take the place of the controversial Domino Sugar Factory. In exchange, Mr. Walentas and his firm, Two Trees, are expected to receive a zoning change allowing their towers to rise up to 55 stories above the East River, about 20 stories higher than current regulations permit. (NY Times)


Speaking of CONDOS, demolition has begun at 5 Pointz. Sigh.

Knock it all you want, but the $10 latte is a brilliant PR move for Budin, which continues to get hefty amount of press. Read this recent review of the “lakkiris latte” from Brooklyn Based.

There were a TON of exciting and innovative proposals for the $19.5 million grant for local environmental projects, to be awarded soon. One of them involves robots. (NY Times)

Watch reporters chuckle with disbelief as they talk about the two artists living in a so-called hamster wheel for 10 days, the new performance art piece at The Boiler, Pierogi Gallery’s second space in Williamsburg.  And yes, the wheel does have a bathroom.

And lastly, the NY Times thinks that a $1,100 jacket from Kinfolk is the perfect look for the “refined ruffian” in this bizarrely-written article.

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