Vintage Shaun Pop-Up

While walking down Meserole, we noticed the Vintage Shaun Pop-Up shop and met shop owner / commercial fashion stylist / FIT teacher Shaunya Hartley, a Brooklyn born and raised, bad ass babe who had some unique fashion advice and great vintage to boot.

“I believe you should wear sequins for breakfast,” she told us in all seriousness then explained how once after she had just finished a dental cleaning she ran into an ex who thought she looked “fabulous,” and she swore it was the sequins that saved the day.

Shaunya Hartley

Shaunya acquired the Greenpoint space via, where pop-up space seekers can type in an area code to view tons of locations available for rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

She described her vintage buys as “modern and contemporary.”

“I never want you to look dated,” she said as Gina held up a red graphic panther sweater. You know big cats are in, right?


There were a lot of unique and stand out pieces (with sequins galore) but also many really functional pieces at very reasonable prices. And while I did enjoy browsing the racks, I enjoyed having a laugh with Shaunya even more.

Gina + Panther = Fabulous

“I know there is famine and wars, but nothing is worse than going out and wearing the same thing as someone else.” She was obviously kidding, people!

Shaunya shares the space with Dee Lionness jewelry and brought on board some sponsors like Carpingo, Pretzel Crisps and Pavan Liquor, which is worth a mention.

Pavan Liquor

It’s a sweet aromatic liquor made from muscat grapes and orange blossoms. It was sublime with a splash of seltzer and lime.

The pop-up ends tomorrow March 7th, but tonight there is a “Sip and Shop” so get down there, check out some great vintage and meet Shaunya!

Vintage Shaun Pop-Up
110 Meserole Ave

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