Big D Closing After 35+ Years!

Big D on Manhattan Ave Closing April 1st, 2014

With sadness many readers have written in to let us know their favorite discount shop on Manhattan Ave – big D – which has served Greenpoint for over 35 years is closing.

Big D Owner Joe Dweck Writes Store Closing

I ran into second generation shop and building owner Joe Dweck who was scrawling “Store Closing” on the glass storefront. He explained that the decision to close is “bittersweet.”

The customers in Greenpoint were like family. We’ve had many loyal customers over the last 35+ years. Nice, polite, family people. The employees are good people also. Some have been with us for 10 years or more. 

Robert and Albert Dweck, cousins, opened this store in the mid 70’s as Dee & Dee. It started as a 5&10 variety store, and changed into the discount department store you see today. It expanded from 2500 to the 7500sf store at 777 Manhattan Ave.

We’re sorry we had to go. The cost of doing business got too high – it’s time to move on. A new store will open up soon. No worries. It will be better than Dee & Dee or Big D ever was.

Storewide Closing Sale at Big D

There is a HUGE storewide closing sale until the doors finally shut in the beginning of April.

Did you shop at big D? Are you sad to see it go? Is there something you’d like to see open in its place?

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