Illustration: Dan Woodger / Business Week

In order to get up to the minute news about Greenpoint, we are signed up for google alerts, which is usually new about the 11222. Other times we get updates about another hipsterized area also called Green Point in Capetown, which apparently has a bustling lesbian community and a big soccer stadium.

We also get boring business news about Greenpoint Technologies which is “a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Completion Center which provides turnkey interior completions for high-net-worth individuals and Heads-of-State.”

I couldn’t resist the title of this Business Week article: “Your Boeing 747 Needs a Personal Elevator.” I mean DUH! It “descends from the belly of a customized Boeing 747-8 to whisk presidents, princes, and tycoons from the tarmac to the plane’s main deck…the total cost to install an Aerolift would run in the “tens of millions of dollars.””

Mere pocket change.

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