You’ve seen this right? Strange spotting on Java St: the owner of this home appears to be hoarding rocks like mad. But, WHY?

Here are our best guesses, or as Buzzfeed would call it, “Top 5 Things You Can Make When You Hoard Giant Stones”:

1. A massive castle to live out Game of Thrones fantasy.

To Castle Black!

2. A masterpiece land art installation a la Robert Smithson.


3. Preparation for the coming apocalypse. Rocks > Zombies (?)

No! Not the rocks!!

4. Ammunition for medieval catapult.


5. The Neo-Droid movement comes to Greenpoint.

Brooklyn is the new Stone Henge.

So many possibilities. Can anyone solve the mystery? Comment below.

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  1. When I was looking for an apartment a year ago, there was a posting for a top floor apartment at this building. We had to step around the rocks to get up the front steps. The owners are definitely quirky and are artists. The apartment they showed was on the top floor of the building, which didn’t have a private entrance, so you had to take the stairs up through the whole apartment to the top floor. It had it’s own kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The strange thing was the nice, newly renovated bathroom was essentially in the hallway between the bedroom and living room, with no door, so if you were in the bedroom or living room and wanted to pass through to the other room and someone was in the bathroom you either had to literally pass by someone on the toilet or just wait till they were done. It was an interesting space.

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