Ann & Jen, Greenpoint Reformed Church

The next love story in our Valentine’s Day series is courtesy of Rev. Ann Kansfield and Rev. Jennifer Aull, who are co-pastors at Greenpoint Reformed Churchon Milton Street. Jen is also a licensed marriage and family therapist with a practice in North Brooklyn and midtown. Read on to hear more about how they met and established roots in Greenpoint.

GP: How did you two meet?

Ann: Teaching Sunday school at Middle Collegiate Church. Yeah, it’s totally cliche: lesbian pastors who met teaching Sunday school.

GP: How long have you been together?

Ann: 11 years; married for 10.


GP: When/why did you decide to move to Greenpoint?

Ann: I moved to Greenpoint in 2003 when the Greenpoint Reformed Church called me as their pastor. Jen moved here the following year when we got married.

GP: What do you love about each other and about living/working together in Greenpoint?

Ann: So, we met at church, and when we told our pastor that we wanted to get married, his response was, “That’s great. You’ll drive each other nuts for the rest of your lives.” That’s pretty spot on. We really love one another’s witty sense of humor, zest for life and appreciation for television crime dramas. Jen tolerates my half-finished projects and big dreams and I clean up the kitchen after Jen cooks an elaborate meal. We have a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We love that Greenpoint welcomes and supports people who might not be typical or ordinary.

GP: Where are your favorite date nights or romantic spots in the neighborhood?

Ann: Transmitter Park, WORD Bookstore, or if you really want to go on a great date, we highly recommend the 11am Sunday worship celebration at the Greenpoint Reformed Church.

Many thanks for sharing with us, Ann!

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