Q: First, I would like to applaud Director Selling for acknowledging that there are so many people addicted to heroin, and for having the insight and desire to establish a substance abuse practice in North Brooklyn, which I agree is severely under served in regards to professional help available to struggling addicts.

A loved one has been struggling with addiction for 7 years, and heroin addiction for just over 5 years. She is enrolled in a methadone maintenance program and has weekly sessions with a Psychotherapist. Her therapist feels that it may be beneficial for her to be evaluated by an Addiction Psychiatrist to determine if a combination of SSRI medications (which she was prescribed in the past for anxiety and depression) can help with her recovery. Is it possible for her to make an appointment with your staff Psychiatrist for an evaluation? And if she decides that SSRI medications would be helpful, could she see her regularly for medication management, while continuing to see her current therapist for her weekly psychotherapy sessions ?

A: Thank you for your kind remarks. I am glad you share my belief that our neighborhood would greatly benefit from a substance abuse centered practice.

I am sorry to hear about your loved one. Opiate addictions are very painful and rather complicated. We would encourage her to make an appointment with our Psychiatrist, Dr. Kara Lichtman, who specializes in addiction psychiatry.

If clinically deemed necessary, she could certainly be prescribed an SSRI as a compendium to her methadone treatment. Dr. Lichtman would then be able to continue treating her for weekly therapy sessions. Feel free to contact us via contact [at] williamsburgtherapygroup [dot] com.


Has your loved one ever explored Suboxone/Buprenorphine for opiate replacement therapy?

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