Two things.

1. The Pizza Underground is a band that solely plays Velvet Underground covers…with lyrics about pizza.

2. Macaulay Culkin is in the band. And he plays the kazoo.

If the two above facts are of no interest to you, then ARE YOU DEVOID OF ALL JOY? Quit being such a downer.

The songs on the band’s demo album were recorded live at Macaulay’s house on November and include tracks like “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice” and “Papa John Says,” which feature the band to waxing poetic about toppings and paper plates. It’s beautiful.


Anyway, the Pizza Underground is a stroke of pure brilliance and they are playing a show this Friday at the Paper Box (17 Meadow St) in Bushwick with Devendra Banhardt and DIIV DJing (Get tix). Not too shabby. They’ve already played several shows in North Brooklyn, including at the Chuckie Cheese of Greenpoint (the Brooklyn Night Bazaar), which is a really similar to the children’s establishment (glow in the dark mini golf, arcade games, etc). They also appropriately played at the grand opening of the Brooklyn Two Boots in Williamsburg.

The band’s facebook page is an endless feed of excellent pizza/Velvet Underground puns like I’m waiting for my man-ning. #PeytonManning #SuperBowl and deep philosphical questions like What if pizza came in a bowl? Like a burrito bowl? #otherbowls.

The Paper Box show will also have an open vodka and whiskey bar, poetry from WITCHES of Bushwick and a pop-up art store (More Info).

Did I mention that EVERY song this band plays is about pizza? Just go.

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