Did you know that parties and events generate the second largest amount of waste in the USA, just behind the construction industry? That’s a bummer. But, before you cancel your Super Bowl party on Sunday- we’d like to introduce you to Susty Party, a Greenpoint-based company that creates responsibly made, eco-friendly party tableware. The folks at Susty Party are committed to sustainability and put together these helpful tips on how to make your next party an eco-chic affair.

Now you can have your chips and dip them, too!

3 Ways To Green Your Party

1. Choose reusable tableware if possible, but when quantity/location/price make disposable goods your best bet, be sure to pick compostable products. Rather than adding to the landfill with styrofoam or plastic plates, cups, and bowls, choose alternatives that can return to the earth instead. Susty Party makes compostable party supplies that don’t sacrifice style.

Sporty Super Bowl Snack Ideas on Susty Party Blog

2. Even if you do your part and pick reusable or compostable products, make sure to provide a way for guests to label their cups. If it’s a small, classy affair, consider something as simple as colored washi tape around the stem of wine glasses. For larger parties with compostable products, provide markers for easy name-tagging. Less cup use = less resource use.


3. Clearly label your waste bins. Be sure to have containers for trash, recycling, and compost. To eliminate confusion for your guests, make signs that clearly inform which bins are for what! Download free signs here.

Greenpointers is proud to be serving beverages at our upcoming Valentine’s Market on Susty Party supplies, too!

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  1. Do you know how the package their goods? I often encounter compostable goods in plastic wrapping and wonder if there’s a better way to go about packaging these things. I’m glad to hear there is a locally based/made in the USA brand of compostable goods! I think a Greenpointers rundown of places to compost would be helpful, too. I go to McCarren Park, and while it’s worth it, I often work on Saturdays and thus miss the drop off time and next thing I know my compost is overflowing. I’m curious if there are other locations I might not know about. Thanks for drawing attention to this issue, Jen!

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