We will have a more in-depth report on yesterday’s meeting soon. In the meantime, according to DNAinfo:

“The decision on Chetrit Group‘s proposed towers at 77 Commercial St. was postponed for further negotiations, officials said, not providing a specific date for the vote.”

After our last call for action, I received numerous emails from community members and local politicians who wanted to be clear that the meeting was NOT about whether the towers were to go up or not, but some finer details. Basically the message we have been getting all along – this is going to happen no matter what. Even if every single Greenpointer doesn’t support it.

Yes we know all about the ULURP process (remember we hosted the Community Workshop earlier this year) and we understand that the 2005 rezoning makes Greenpoint Landing “as of right.”

That being said, I don’t see those towers up yet and the feeling I get from the community at large is that they don’t to see those towers. So until they are blocking our view of the city, let’s make some noise.


We made that very clear on social media yesterday when we bombarded Stephen Levin, Mayor Mike and Mayor Elect DiBlasio with the message, “Greenpoint Landing’s 40 Story Towers are NOT GOOD for Greenpoint.”

For many reasons Greenpointers are in opposition to this project. Concerns about infrastructure, transportation, the potential superfund site, affordable housing, and the complete and utter butt ugliness of 40 story towers over a neighborhood of mostly 6 story max buildings. And remember Hurricane Sandy? If we get another storm like that how are we going to evacuate 10,000 more people? On the G train?

Just because wealthy developers want to make a dime here isn’t enough of a reason to overlook that this is our community and we have a voice and that voice needs to be heard. Take this opportunity to make phone calls, send emails and write letters. The more noise we make, the better we can get our message across.

“Greenpoint Landing’s 40 Story Towers are NOT GOOD for Greenpoint.”

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  1. Based on your previous post, I sent an email to all the council members. I just asked for their support, outlined my concerns (infrastructure and scale of those towers) etc. I also said how we get that this is a decision that was made a long time ago but any signal from them against the towers from the powers-that-be will help motivate some rethinks. I don’t know if this will help but I got an email from Christine Quinn’s office that my comments will be tabled to the subcommittee. So even an email might help….

  2. what neighborhood is the “right” neighborhood to house the influx of residence moving to NYC?? let me guess, anywhere but the one you live in…typical.

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