Greenpointers Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Greenpointers is passionate about local shopping, especially during the holidays. Each day in December we will bring you great local gift ideas and specials.

Keep your eye out for GP (Greenpointers) Discounts! 

Day 18: Paulie Gee’s

Day 17: Ana Chronos

Day 16: NYC Farm Chic Flowers

Day 15: [email protected]

Day 14: East River Tattoo

Day 13: In God We Trust

Day 12: City of Daughters

Day 11: Bishop and Queen

Day 10: Crystalyn Kae Handbags

Day 9: Franklin St Holiday Stroll (12/12)

Day 8: Local Greenpoint Art

Day 7: DOG-E-DOG

Day 6: Greenpointers

Day 5: Silk Road Cycles

Day 4: Sparrow

Day 3: Miranda Restaurant

Day 2: Adaptations NY

Day 1: Usha Veda Yoga

Ana Chronos
In God We Trust
Bishop & Queen
Usha Veda Yoga
Silk Road Cycles
Dandelion Wine
East River Tattoo
Adaptations NY
Miranda Restaurant
greenpointers neon sign
Greenpointers Gifts
Brooklyn Kitchen
Brooklyn Kitche
[email protected]
Paulie Gee's
Fowler Arts
Franklin St Holiday Stroll
Calico Gallery

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Back in the late 1990's, Greenpoint was the first New York City neighborhood that I aimlessly walked through and I immediately fell in love with it. I've lived in Greenpoint now for over a decade and I still love it for both its new additions and older, timeless qualities.

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