In engineering a datum is a standard, a line or point used for other measurements. Our Holiday Market, featured vendor Green Datum is a family owned public arts and crafts company that aims to be the standard for ethically and sustainably produced apparel and home decor. It searches the world for beautiful, artistically unique and functional items created by small and mid-size producers for us over here to enjoy – all at a fair price.

We interviewed Carolina from Green Datum about the sustainable collection she curates.

GP: What is the story behind Green Datum?
Carolina: I love sustainable and eco-friendly clothing but I always found it difficult to buy at affordable prices, so I started embellishing blouses and t-shirts for my self and a friend. My friend liked them so much that she inspired me to sell them. We named it “Green Datum” because my brother is an engineer and we both like sustainable and eco-friendly products, so “Datum” comes from him.

GP: Let’s talk about your colorful bags.
Carolina: As an effort to bring more unique hand made products to my customers, I came across Wayuu hand knitted bags. The Wayuus are a tribe located on the north of Colombia. The bags are mostly made by women as a way of expressing their skills, creativity and as a way of income. The bags are durable, unique, colorful and of excellent quality. I decided to bring the bags to Green Datum because they are a unique product that I know New Yorkers will enjoy and appreciate.

GP: And your home fashion?
Carolina: These are made by my aunt. She draws inspiration from the dreamy mountains and natural landscapes of her home city. As an architect she was able to blend aesthetics and functionality. Now enjoying retirement, she is fully dedicated to her craft. Her products include art gallery quality mosaic art, wood carvings and hand painted items.


GP: Is Go Green your day job?
Carolina: No, I work full time in the fashion industry as associate designer. My future goals are to keep growing Green Datum and establish it on the market so I can work on it full time. This way I can keep expanding to become fully sustainable and eco-friendly.

GP: What sets your creations apart from others?
Carolina: I design and make my own rubber stamps to create prints for my blouses and t-shirts. I used water based eco-friendly inks on my blouses. The bags and home decoration products we carry are all hand made in small quantities and they use eco-friendly materials when possible.

GP: Why are you excited to participate in Greenpointers Market?
Carolina: This is my first market in Brooklyn! (I usually sell in Long Island). I am very excited because I know people in Brooklyn look for unique products and I’m hoping they bring a piece of Green Datum to their homes.

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