Rachel O Designs, an independent jewelry designer based in LIC, is a featured vendor at our Holiday Market.

Rachel Orosco describes her creations as “simple, organic, intelligent design that is both unique and universal,” and says that “each handmade piece is crafted to accentuate the brilliance and individual style of its owner.” I want!

We chatted with Rachel to find out what inspires her.

GP: Why it is about jewelry that makes you tick?
Rachel: I’m interested in simple but meaningful embellishments. Jewelry provides finishing touches that bring comfort and confidence in its ability to accentuate unique identities.

GP: Why did you start making it yourself?
Rachel: I initially made jewelry for myself because I rarely found pieces that spoke to me and my personal aesthetic. Friends and acquaintances that liked my work encouraged me to sell at various stores and markets, and eventually I was asked to do commissioned pieces for photo shoots and performances, and the momentum has continued to build from there.


GP: What inspires your designs?
Rachel: I draw inspiration from the structure of nature, the singularity of individuals, and the universality of music and language. I try to incorporate interesting natural and cultural intersections into my designs, while making sure to leave space for the unique voice of the individual who will wear them.

GP: What are your thoughts on the upcoming market?
Rachel: I am excited to participate in the Greenpointers Holiday Market because selling around gift-giving time is extra rewarding. I enjoy being a part of the process of finding a unique treasure that perfectly suits others’ loved ones. It’s incredibly fulfilling to facilitate meaningful gift-giving and to witness the excitement of kindness on such a large scale.

GP: What do you do when you’re not making gorgeous jewelry?
Rachel: I’m currently working at Daddy’s on Graham Avenue, selling gourmet hot dogs at their recently-expanded hot dog bar. I also book and promote shows, and I DJ.

Daddy’s is my favorite bar in Greenpoint, and of course I’m partial, but the laid back neighborhood vibe is super welcoming, their prices are totally reasonable, and the nightly live DJs are diverse/rad. And any place that will top your beer with frozen margarita and that serves chipotle-infused liquor is a place I want to be! Oh yeah, and the hot dogs rule.

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