Photographers and filmmakers, your lives are about to get a little easier.  CSI Rentals is opening a new location in Bushwick where you can rent pro cameras, lenses, gels, video equipment and sound gear. Just to clarify, CSI:Miami is not coming to Bushwick, although it really should.

The Grand Opening will take place tonight from 5-7:30pm and will feature live demos of the latest from Sony HD Cinema (camera nerds, go wild), shooting and work flow samples, and as the flyer states (in caps) “FREE GIFTS FOR ALL.” What will these gifts be? We have no idea, but my best guess is a rental coupon or maybe a camera strap? CSI also promises that you will meet friends.  So if you want friends, a new camera strap, and some free snacks, this could be the night that changes your life 4EVER. The new location is at 1138 Flushing Avenue, between the Morgan and Jefferson L stops.

Seriously though, it’s about time we had a place to rent equipment locally, since the hood has become home to so many professional photographers, filmmakers, and artists, as well as photo studios, sound stages, and galleries.  Also it’s worth it to note that they have a delivery option, for the super lazy or super busy among us (could go either way on this one).





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