Many of you have likely shopped at Dalaga, the lovely boutique on Franklin Avenue. But you might not have known that the name of the store is actually a Filipino word that means “lady in her prime.” The two sisters who own the store, Michelle and Mary Mangiliman, chose the name as an ode to their Filipino heritage.

They recently send us this call for donations, in the wake of the tragic typhoon that hit the Philippines.

“Thankfully the area where our family lives was not so badly hit, but nearly 480,000 others were displaced and 4 million more ‘affected’ by the typhoon in 36 provinces,” the sisters wrote to us.  “They are expecting another storm to hit them this morning. Relief agencies are immediately calling for canned food, water, medicine and tents for the homeless. We will be accepting any donations starting today and making regular drops to the Philippine Red Cross. We appreciate any support you can give and hope you’ll help to spread the word.”

The most useful items to donate are canned goods, non-refrigerated food items, water purifier tablets, water containers, tents, blankets (freshly laundered), flashlights and batteries, personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, sanitary napkins), diapers, power generators, general medical supplies and over-the-counter medications, and mosquito repellent.


Last week, Los Angeles Times’ Michael Muskal said that the super typhoon would make Katrina and Sandy look like “weak cousins.”  The Philippine red cross has reported that over 600,000 people have been displaced and 1,200 people killed. But the death toll could be upwards of 10,000. By comparison, during Hurricane Sandy, 286 people were killed in a total of 7 countries. This is not to belittle Sandy (we are all too familiar with the losses it caused), but rather to remind ourselves to  should show the same level of compassion and support for the victims of this disaster.

Donations can be drooped off at Dalaga (150 Franklin St). Here is more info from the Philippine Red Cross, whose team is on the ground.

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