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I just found out that Comic Arts Brooklyn is happening tomorrow (11/9) and I felt morally and ethically obligated to let you know about it. Because it looks awesome–I would even venture to say, epic. The reason this is really new news (the newest of the news), is that this is the first annual event of its kind to grace our little neighborhood…and best of all, it’s free for everyone.

The fest is hosted by local indie comics shop, Desert Island and will take place from 11am-7pm at both Mt. Carmel Church (275 N 8th St) and the Knitting Factory (361 Metropolitan) in Williamsburg. There are also some events at nearby stores, galleries, and theaters, as well as an after party at Union Pool. Consult the schedule for all the details.

Now, I’m not a huge comic aficionado, but even I recognize a lot of the brilliant authors, artists, and graphic novelists that will be making an appearance tomorrow.  I have great admiration for the graphic novel as a medium, and if you haven’t gotten into this genre yet, I heartily suggest you dive in, especially as these winter months set in and you have more time to sit inside and get lost in some expertly crafted illustrations.

Adrian Tomine

Most notably, the fest will feature appearances by Paul Auster, famed absurdist crime novelist (of my personal pick, The New York Trilogy) and City of Glass, as well as cartoonist/self-publishing superstar, Jeff Smith.  Art Spiegelman, comic artist and Adrian Tomine (I am in awe of him), graphic novel author (Shortcomings & Summer Blonde) and frequent contributor to The New Yorker, will also be in attendance. There are more featured special guests here that I haven’t heard of (please don’t judge me), but I’m sure they are fantastic.


The fest will also feature a variety of exhibitors, who I am assuming, will be selling indie books, illustrations, and comics, as well as most likely signing some of these items.

Comic nerds (you’re so much cooler than the rest of us): this is your moment.



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