Kayrock Screenprinting, located right here on Manhattan Avenue, is local artist, Karl LaRocca’s haven for hand-printed fine art editions, as well as posters, cards, books, and everything printable.

LaRocca created this incredibly detailed graphic map, outlining the route of the upcoming 2013 NYC Marathon (11/3), the epic 5 borough, 5 bridge race that passes through Greenpoint each year to the cheers of onlookers. The poster was printed with three individual passes of water-based screenprinting ink in the Kayrock studio, which just so happens to overlook the marathon halfway point on the Pulaski Bridge.

The map is unique because of its to-scale depiction of Manhattan. We’re used to seeing the island sitting perfectly North-South on MTA subway maps, with the Avenues running in straight lines like a compass pointed North, but in actuality, the borough lies at an angle.

La Rocca used satellite mapping data that he tiled together in Photoshop, before drawing the route. The map is based on the metric system, with the race clocking out at 42.195 km (who needs miles?) and timing markers at every 5km.


“I love maps and I wanted to make a very minimalist, pretty thing that I would like to have.” LaRocca said, “I think other runners would like it too.”

The poster is available for $30 on the Kayrock online shop and makes a great gift for  runners and marathon enthusiasts alike.  And for those eco-minded folks out there, it’s printed on 100% recycled “Aged Newsprint” paper, milled with hydroelectric power.

La Rocca is a runner himself and completed the marathon in 2010. He’s currently training for 2014.

“I’m going to turn 40 and run the marathon again.” he explained, “And I just had a kid, so that’s motivation.”

(Sponsored post, courtesy of Kayrock Screenprinting)

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