Our friends at the Diamond are getting serious this Saturday (10/26). Serious about roasting a whole pig and letting you eat it.

Are you dreaming of getting back to your carnivorous Homo sapien roots? Find yourself fantasizing about trekking through a lone mountain landscape and wrestling a wild boar to the ground with your bare hands before devouring the meaty fruits of your labor?

If you answered YES, this is probably a good thing to do on Saturday. The best part is that the physical activity portion of the pig cooking is already taken care of (by the professional caterers). Instead of hiking to Bear Mountain and camping out in the cold before realizing you are ill-equipped, both physically and mentally, to kill a live animal and cook it, all you have to do is show up, buy yourself a craft brew, and eat that sweet, roasted pig. There will also be sides, something early man hadn’t even thought of yet.

BON APPETIT, you rugged devils.


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