Artwork by Tamara Garvey

The McCarren Park Ice Skating Rink is real and happening next month! Gothamist is reporting that it will open on November 15 and stay open 7 days a week through January. Now let’s hope we don’t experience an performances of Riots On Ice.

In foodie news, NY Daily wrote an article about how beer is the new wine, meaning that bigger bottles of fancier beer is outselling wine these days at such popular places like Greenpoint’s Torst. I’m pretty sure that higher quality beer in larger bottles isn’t that new of a trend; have you heard of Europe?

Check out this whole-plate daguerreotype (photograph) of Greenpoint from 1850 that’s being auctioned off for $20-30,000 by Swann Auction Galleries. The variety of building types found on a single block over 160 years ago kind of makes me think of the combinations of condo buildings and old school vinyl siding buildings that we’re always talking about.

If there’s one thing to remember about outgoing Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz, besides his love of press photographers, is his approval of the Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street high rises that he will never have to live with. (Brownstoner)  I’ll take it a step further and wager a guess that his pockets are lined with cash come 2014 by green-lighting this deal. He would have never done this if he were up for re-election, that’s certain.

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