Northside’s premier DOG COSTUME & TRICK CONTEST is fast approaching. Bring your pups dressed in costumes to Dog-E-Dog‘s 2nd Annual “Howl-O-Ween” on Saturday, Oct 26 from 1-4pm at the McCarren Park dog run.

While our friend Eric from Dog-E-Dog is putting the final touches on Dog-E-Dog‘s 2nd Annual “Howl-O-Ween,” he stopped by Greenpointers.com to give us five important tips for this weekend’s festivities:

  • Practice tricks with your pooch! Once you have figured out your fancies, try having the dog perform the trick in front of your co-workers or friends, to make sure stage fright or performance anxiety isn’t going to be a problem.
  • Dress yourself up! The more festive, the better…but don’t get our hopes up, Judges won’t be ranking you humans.
  • There is no pre-registration, so come early! The first 50 contestants will be judged. Each contestant is assigned a # and then we proceed like the DMV or the deli: wait for your number to be called.

    Seymour as "Bacon"

  • Bring extra dog stuff to donate to BARC shelter. Toys, food, poop bags, treats, water bowls…Your dog’s “trash” is most likely a rescue dog’s “treasure”!
  • Bring some cash. That way you can enter the raffle to win amazing prizes of your choosing, including but not limited to, Kate Spade leather bags, bar tabs, Gift baskets for your dog, a grooming voucher, a training session, doggy apparel and more.

Last year’s contest was a huge success and we all had a lot of fun, including my very own dog, Seymour, who was dressed up as everyone’s favorite comfort food: Bacon!  While he didn’t win the costume prize, we did win some pretty sweet raffle packages, so don’t forget to participate.


Check for updates on Dog-E-Dog’s Facebook page.

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