Four great American Heritage Brands are now available under one roof in Greenpoint.   Woolrich, Pendleton, Thorogood and Johnson Woolen Mills can now be found at Cato’s Army & Navy—companies that have been part of and inspired the American fashion scene for over 100 years.  There has been a resurgence in consumer’s interest in classic American designs.
Work wear companies have been leading fashion trends for several years now.  This trend encouraged Cato’s to add to the work wear brands that have been their staples for years.  Since 1975, Cato’s has built its reputation on classic Americana, catering to the working men and women of Greenpoint.

The neighborhood’s appetite for more lead the owners to expand their offerings.  “We’re very excited to add these traditional companies into our mix”, says Marcin Rak – Cato’s store manager.
Marcin explains that what’s equally exciting is that Thorogood and Johnson Woolen Mills still manufacture many products in the US.  Consumers get excited when they see garments “Made in the USA.” Call it patriotic, nostalgic or just an understanding that quality goods from Heritage Brands are a good investment — Cato’s will continue to add brands that Greenpointers want.

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