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If you live anywhere near McGolrick Park, you have seen the mysterious old Chinese guy who runs everywhere donned in a marathoner’s outfit.  Well, the New York Daily News caught up with the 75 year old John Lu and interviewed him.

In case you didn’t know, famed street artist, Banksy has been spreading his images across New York City this week, including a piece right here in Greenpoint.  Like most of his work, it was removed by some guy who probably didn’t even know there’s such a thing as celebrity street artists and will make bank on his new accidental commodity. (Gothamist)

We also found out this week that Williamsburg’s successful and occasional Brooklyn Night Bazaar will be taking up permanent residency in Greenpoint.  Looks like they are moving into the recently departed Angel’s Bakery Building on Norman Avenue. (DNA Info)

Only seven long years after a plan was passed to reduce the amount of garbage shipped to North Brooklyn for processing, a legislative bill was introduced this week to cut the amount of waste brought in by diesel trucks by 18%. Wasn’t having one of the country’s worst oil spills enough? We had to get everyone’s trash also?


And finally, several very unlucky dental patients had their oral surgery performed by an unlicensed dental hygienist while the actual Greenpoint dentist was either napping or watching movies in his office!! (NY Post)

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  1. Maybe I’m letting my old person-ness show here, but after checking out the Night Bazaar website, gotta say I’m glad I don’t live within earshot and foot traffic-shot of that. I’ll just have to stick with the daytime for my $375 typewriter purchase needs.

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