Photo Collage by Tony L


The New York Observer gives 5 stars to Luksus, a tasting-menu-only eatery inside Torst Bar on Manhattan Avenue.  And another newish Greenpoint restaurant that I personally love, Selamat Pagi, got interviewed by NY1.

The war on commercial trucks driving on residential streets continues in this Greenpoint Gazette article. Wouldn’t it be more annoying to not have everything at the store that you need? And apparently Access-A-Ride vehicles aren’t wanted anywhere either. That MTA bus depot we finally got rid of was denied in Maspeth also.

A 72 year old guy from Greenpoint got 100 days in county jail in Hackensack for stabbing his ex-girlfriend with a syringe of a near-fatal dose of insulin. (Cliff View Pilot)

The fight against the giant ugly condo towers continues with a call to Governor Cuomo to get an official study on the environmental impact of such a development monstrosity.  (DNA Info)


And finally, in case you missed last week’s Community Meeting, regarding the nearly $20 million settlement that Exxon is required to give back to our neighborhood, it’s not too late to find out how to apply for a grant, here or here. Get to it!


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