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A couple years ago some uninformed owners of new condos complained about this local chicken slaughterhouse, which was kind of funny. But, now there’s going to be a protest next week at Greenpoint Avenue’s famous “Live Poultry Slaughter” by local and national activists.  (BK Eagle)

Don’t like listening to someone’s kids running around and screaming while you’re out to dinner? Local Greenpoint restaurant, Eat, has started monthly supper events where no one is allowed to make any noise.  (NY Observer)

The Times did an article about some of the lesser known parks of NYC, including our very own Lentol Garden: “Through iron gates, passers-by can feast their eyes on plump hydrangea blooms, purple and ivory butterfly bushes and a magnificent Chinese dogwood, now displaying clusters of raspberrylike fruit.”  I will never look at that fenced off brush right off the BQE again!

Thugs are still mugging our fellow Greenpointers. Keep informed!  And those that aren’t getting mugged are getting their car’s catalytic converters stolen by the dozens. Really!

A Greenpoint resident is suing Getty after her image was used without permission in an AIDS awareness campaign that labeled her as HIV positive. Not cool. (NY Magazine)


And finally, here’s an update on the “3,000 feet of track and 60,000 feet of cable inside the tube that carries G service between Brooklyn and Queens.”  (RT&S)



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    1. I also heard this from Good Yoga, who moved in next store and said that the slaughterhouse was a deal breaker but since it’s gone they moved in…

    2. They definitely slaughter chickens nearby because they clean the trucks over by 67 West St. The other day I saw the saddest and most confused chicken walking around. An escapee but before I could get it, it disappeared. Not like I know what I would have done with it anyway.

  1. Its a shame the slaughterhouse is gone. We’ve been living with it since I was a kid and can’t believe that people moving into the neighborhood have to protest about it. Gee, didn’t anyone see the sign when they moved next door? I almost purchased one of the apts in question and that was not a deal breaker. We had other reasons for not moving in.

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