09.19.13 Mixtape // The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Zach Ellis spearheads this one-man heartache, fusing gorgeous strings, hazy notions and dizzying romance as The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman. Prepare yourself for what is hands down the most across-the-map mix Greenpointers has published to date. Really, in what universe could Kool Keith and Nina Simone hit the same kegger? In Zach’s, apparently. Check it after the jump!

Ellis explains the madness:

This playlist is inspired by my search for my personal search for meaning, sex, the feelings in my heart and my desire to dance all over your face.

How’s your face doing after that?

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About Beca

Beca is fueled by shoegaze and vodka. She regularly contributes to Paste Magazine, VICE, Brooklyn Magazine and others. If you see her on the streets of Greenpoint, hand her anything with guacamole and she might kiss you on the mouth.

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  1. rocco galatioto says:

    I first thought I saw an image of Jesus, my old Pueto Rican friend from the dog park.


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