Great new! A new bus – the B32 – will be serving the Greenpoint waterfront between Williamsburg & LIC.

Via MTA:

Effective Sunday, September 8, the MTA will also implement a new B32 bus route between the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza and the Court Square-23 St  station in Long Island City.  The new bus route will serve waterfront areas in Williamsburg and Greenpoint and Long Island City.  Over the past years, these areas have experienced significant growth.

The B32’s southern terminal at Williamsburg Bridge Plaza will provide connections to the Marcy Avenue  station and the B24, B39, B44, B46, B60, B62, Q54, and Q59 bus routes. Northbound, the B32 will travel along Broadway, Kent Avenue, Franklin Street, Green Street, McGuinness Boulevard, across the Pulaski Bridge, 11th Street, and terminating at 21st Street and 44th Drive adjacent to the Court Square- 23 St station.  Southbound, the B32 would travel along 21st Street, Jackson Avenue, 48th Avenue, 11th Street, across the Pulaski Bridge, McGuinness Boulevard, Freeman Street, Franklin Street, North 14th Street, Wythe Avenue, and Broadway.

This route will operate seven days a week on 30 minute headway from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  It will be monitored closely and adjustments will be made if necessary.


View the B32 timetable

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  1. Unfortunately not everyone is happy with it. Given its the same route as the B62 no one is sure why they had to add this route? Who is the neighborhood complained that they couldn’t walk the extra blocks to Manhattan Ave to take the B62? I did when I was a kid, my 68 year old mom still does. There is a petition being sent around by the owners of the homes in front of the stop on Franklin and Huron (downtown route). So if you are upset, like a lot of other people are, then please sign their petition.

    1. I think it was mostly created for the new dense residential corridor on Kent between North 3rd and North 9th, which is three long blocks from the B62.

      I’m curious as to what the objection is. Usually I would think greater access to public transportation would be welcomed by the neighborhood.

  2. Someone approached me at Huron and Franklin and asked me to sign a petition concerning not cutting down the trees on Franklin due to the bus stop. They didn’t frame it as a petition that would remove the bus stop all together, but rather, not removing the trees there.

  3. When the B61 was cut in half (B61 south of Atlantic Avenue to Red Hook and B62 north of Atlantic Avenue to LIC), the frequency of service changed. The B61 used to run every ten minutes during rush hour, but it was changed to every fifteen minutes. Commuters were told this was to prevent “bus stacking” (when two buses show up back to back), but the phenomenon continued, and no one was upset about the cut in service.

    I’m happy there’s another option for people commuting from LIC who wait at the base of the Pulaski. Last week around 9:30am, I was on my way into Greenpoint. Within twenty minutes of waiting, three B62s arrived in Queens heading to Queens Plaza. Did I get on any of them? Nope, the B32 showed up and took me straight to my corner.

    Regarding the trees, that was a stupid decision. I don’t know why, for example, a bus stop was made on the verdant west side of Franklin between Huron and India when the block between India and Java is tree-less by comparison.

  4. “No one was upset about the change in service” when the B62 was introduced? Hardly.

    I too am baffled by the comment above about why people would be unhappy about the route. Isn’t adding public transportation a GOOD thing?

  5. Hello, I am attempting to take mass transit from Huntington Long Island to Nassau and Van Dam. Anyone have any ideas? Will be using LIRR, Hunterspoint or Atlantic Terminal, any bus riutes available? Thanks.

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