Study participants were shown images like this and prompted to answer the question


Remember the recent study that got a lot of buzz for finding that Greenpoint was perceived to be the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn ( by utilizing Google Street View)?

Keep in mind, the key word is perceived. East New York has triple the crime rate of Greenpoint and the study participants were not necessarily New Yorkers. 

But, apparently, this is motivation enough for a new initiative.

Council Member Stephen Levin and the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce are announcing the Clean Greenpoint initiative today to beautify the neighborhood. Clean Greenpoint is a local partnership with the goal of getting businesses, community groups and residents to come together to keep the neighborhood clean.


Business owners who join Clean Greenpoint will sign a pledge to sweep their storefronts once a day and pick up litter along the sidewalk, adopt a street tree, and report graffiti, among other responsibilities.

In return, they will receive a Clean Greenpoint sign for their storefronts to indicate their participation as well as a planter box made by the Greenpoint Youth Court.

The announcement will take place on 11am, Tuesday 9/3 at Charlotte Patisserie (596 Manhattan Ave). We presume more information will be provided at the announcement…and maybe some complimentary pastries to boot. 


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      1. I just don’t know how anyone deciphers new from old? if we’re talking hipster/non-hipster i guess that is different. but are we asking people – when did you move here? were you born here? i just think everybody needs to think of it as a shared place no matter when the moved there…

    1. most of the bad behavior i’ve witnessed have been from the newcomers, not the longtime residents. young people in hipster gear tossing their food wrappings, coffee cups, etc. on the sidewalk and curb when trash can is a few feet away. if you don’t throw your banana peel on your living room floor, you shouldn’t be tossing it on the sidewalk. have some respect for shared space!

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