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I hope you have noticed that we have upped our game. We are producing more content from a variety of new and talented contributors. We’re growing and it’s very exciting!

If you think we are doing well, then I encourage you to make a donation in any amount to our Writer’s Fund. Or, make a tax-deductible donations via Fractured Atlas.


Last time I asked for reader support I got an email from a reader who felt I was crossing the line by asking for support.


Hear me out: 

Our main source of revenue is local advertising – businesses in the area we wholeheartedly believe in and love. That being said there is a limit to how much local advertising we get and how much local businesses can afford.

Last year we were offered BIG BUCKS from a BIG AD NETWORK. Guess what kinds of ads they wanted to feature on Greenpointers? 


Keeping the advertising hyper-local is our mission which means we need support from readers as well. We aren’t getting rich – just trying to pay the bills.

We hope that you see Greenpointers as a valuable community service and consider making a donation to our Writer’s Fund today.

You can make a donation directly to us via paypal and 100% will go to pay contributors for creative content.

Or you can make a tax-deductible donation via Fractured Atlas (they take 7% because they need to pay their bills, too!)

Either way, thanks for being the best readers in the world!

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