(Updated) Badass Bird: Kestrel on McGuinness Blvd.

Since this posting I have investigated further and believe that the bird pictured is in fact an American Kestrel – which are just as bad ass birds of prey. In fact their call sounds like they are saying Killy-Killy-Killy!A reader sent us this awesome shot of a Peregrine Falcon spotted on McGuinness Blvd and Huron St! These badass birds are bird eaters – watch out pigeons – and they can reach speeds of over 200mph during their notorious a high speed dive to kill prey – making it the fastest animal! And it’s right here in Greenpoint!

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After living in NYC my entire life, I found the strongest sense of community in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Running this blog is truly an honor and the best part is meeting its readers in real life. Everyday I am energized by smiles and inspiring conversations with fellow Greenpointers who tirelessly do and create incredible things that are good for our community and share the same love I have for life here. If you see me walking with my little dog "D" - please say hi!


  1. Chris says:

    one more correction – that’s casanova’s in the background – making it Green Street.

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    Shoot he is probably right. Before noticing the street I walked to greenpoint ave and then counted the streets backwards and tried to figure it out. I was really bummed that it wasnt Eagle street.

  3. I saw a kestral near West and India last year. Here’s the pic: https://twitter.com/newworldreview1/status/239108502004592640


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