During Council Member Levin’s poster distribution to alert the community about the recent rape in Greenpoint on Java St on 6/16/13, a man was arrested nearby. The Special Victims Unit (SVU) of the police department said that the incident is still under investigation and would not confirm that an arrest was made in connection to the rape.

I spoke to Pastor Ann Kansfield who said that while handing out fliers a man who looked like the suspect on the flier took a flier. Levin and others noticed the strong resemblance and the police were called.  Ann said that the man, who has not been identified, agreed that he looked like the man in the sketch.

Ann added that, “there is zero evidence tying him to the crime except he is unlucky enough to look like the guy in the picture.”

Even though photos were posted last night by Ms. Shitty, it is important to stress that the police are not confirming the arrest in connection to the rape at this time.

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