I know that yesterday was Father’s Day and all, but aside from giving my Dad Rocco a bottle of Tunisian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from O Live Brooklyn, I also gave him a firm talking to about the almost always offensive ranty and insane comments he leaves on Greenpointers.

I explained to him how the blog is my business, how I am now trying to make a living as a professional blogger and asked that he have a little more consideration before he writes comments that look like they were written by someone in a Sicilian lunatic asylum.

His answer, “but it’s funny!”

I decided I would ask you the readers to vote on it. Below are a few of the recent insane comments he has created. Let me know if he should be banned from commenting or if you actually get entertainment from this sort of thing.

A few Rocco comments that are pending the trash:


“There are some words that absolutely disgust me: one is “nurturing,:” as it conjure images of 50 year old plus assistant principals in long lose fitting and totally tasteless dresses who are usually hemophiliac liberals and the other is “vegan” because it brings to mind spoiled and decadent hipster types who have always had it good. These people, according to my theory of standardized social deviation, usually bundle this veganism with other equally detestable ideas borne out of their idle bourgeois existence. It’s the point of view of one who believes to have reached an infinitesimal amount of wisdom at his old age. I know that it’s somewhat cynical but that is the way I am.
Have a nice organic day.”

“Now that you are bi lingual, or like I like to say, by tongueal, when will you do something for the hearing impaired and for the visually challenged?
For those who eschew PC I mean the deaf and the blind.”

What do you think?

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  1. This post id in no way intended to influence the outcome of your survey. It’s just a reminder the use of this photograph may be inappropriate in such a quality blog and may be deemed offensive by it’s followers who are mostly of the creative type and are therefore hypersensitive to anything approaching bad taste. As for myself, I find all this taking offense boring and leading to self censorship. So be advised that I will not retain the services of my advocate Stu Katz and no legal action will be taken. I will never try to censor anyone as I am a great believer in freedom of speech and expression. As for the photo’s contents, I am one of the few people around who loves every photo of himself. Call it high self esteem, illusions or the actual fact that I am so handsome that I will always come out looking great in a photo, It can also be that I’m totally full of it.
    I hope that this, what may be my last post, will not be censored.

          1. Carissimo: dovevo tornare al traduttore italiano di nuovo di leggere la tua risposta, ma mi piace perché con la scrittura in italiano, tutti si chiedono quello che stiamo dicendo e sono gelosi. LOL! Ciao, mio caro!

  2. Hahaha! Rocco is a trip. I had no idea he could even write like that. I thought I saw a few SAT words in there…hahaha. I say keep em’ and I agree with Michael….start a Rocco column!

    1. My dear one, my level of education both formal and auto didactic leaves many in the dust. It’s only my sense of humility and good taste that precludes boasting. I read more books in a month that many people read in a lifetime. Nevertheless. I am a true believer in Plato’s apologia.
      I hope that your assumption of my illiteracy wasn’t an all too common assumption that Italians are not literate. We the people who created modern society, illiterate? Remember this the next time you go to one of your fancy and trendy restaurants and use utensils to eat. Yes, they were first used in Italy. I am excluding chop sticks because of their total simplicity. These same letters first appeared in Italy. Perhaps open admissions sadly put an end to education.
      I guess that old habits are hard to change.
      However I must thank you for voting to keep me commenting. It’s something.

  3. He’s definitely entertaining, and everyone seems to enjoy, but will it affect how future employers for writing gigs, etc will see you professionally and your blog? I like the idea of a ‘Rocco Column’ though!

  4. Tough call. Normally, as curator, you should be free to delete rude or unrelated comments from your blog. But, because Rocco is your father, his comments add context and authenticity to your public image.

  5. I have known and loved your dad since we worked together on the mayoral campaign as members of Brooklyn Citizens for Cuomo ’77. I have known that he was a head case almost from the start. Nevertheless I did not know that he was a right-wing conservative head case until he started posting on Facebook. Your mother has always had my sympathy, and I now extend that sympathy to you. I am sorry, as the Irishman says, for your troubles. Howsomever, you must know by now that life without Rocco would be too dull to contemplate, too enervating to imagine, too peaceful to endure. I’m sure that in the end you will let him continue to comment on your site, because he’s right about one thing — he’s funny. (In the interests of self preservation, though, you might consider adding a disclaimer every time he does. Better safe than sorry.)

    1. Steve, thanks for the vote of confidence. Let me confess once and for all, but not on Facebook, that I am not a right wing head case but a plain head case. I just like to annoy liberals whom I believe have become too PC and therefore too self censoring. I just like to be a BB. Actually I am an anarchist by nature and that makes me as un right as possible. I was once a devoted socialist but became disappointed.
      Please do not tell this to anyone else. After all image is everything.

  6. First of all, I’m surprised such an old man can type such long comments. Secondly, censorship is overrated; if its not spam, let it be.

    1. OLD MAN? Of course I am old but I have achieved a little wisdom along the way. I try my best typing even although my hands shake and my arthritis kicks in. It’s also hard to remember as my short term memory is gone.
      Old or young, I do believe that it’s in bad taste to make funuy are as fortunate to reach it to and even outlive me. BTW, you should try SPAM. it is easy to ingest for old people without teeth. Fried in some olive oil..not too bad. I am talking about the one in the can not the one that comes with your e- mail.

  7. Two Yeses: One for Rocco to be allowed to comment, and one for him to do a “Rocco Column” (great idea of Michael’s!)
    p.s. I also like that photo of him because I always look at those delicious skinny sausages Rocco has on the grill – they remind me of the ones we used to get in Trunz (by St. Anthony’s) years ago!

  8. No,no to Rocco? I agree that the professional vs the entertainment-and -enlightenment aspects of Rocco’s presence on Greenpointers is a hard nut to crack. But such a sweet nut inside all that bluster. PLEASE don’t make him post in Italian, as many of us would miss out, or have to go back to school to learn another language! Maybe an icon by his posts, as a warning to those not-in-the-know that the posting may be hazardous to one’s stodgy, self-serving ego. Jen, I think you know the answer.

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