Props to the Vegan Hot Chocolate at Cafe Royal!

Do you avoid dairy even when your fingers are going numb? Never fear because some of the tastiest hot chocolates are vegan! With the last freezing day of February dragging on, there’s no better time to shiver through McGolrick Park to Cafe Royal (195 Nassau Ave) where an array of delicious hot chocolate waits for you.

Maybe it was the excitement over finding a local cafe that sold not only vegan hot chocolate but Mexican vegan hot chocolate! Maybe we were just really craving hot chocolate.  Whatever it was, the vegan hot chocolate my boyfriend and I ordered on that first visit to Cafe Royal was more than enough to make us repeat customers. Ordering one to stay is a must, as you get more hot chocolate for your $4.00 and maybe even some cacao or chocolate shavings as a topper.

Although the straight vegan hot chocolate is a velvety and not too rich treat, the vegan Mexican hot chocolate gets a slight upper hand for having just the right blend of spiciness and creamy sweetness.

The even spicier and non-vegan Mayan hot chocolate is also usually on offer, and other non-vegan options, like peppermint hot chocolate, occasionally make appearances as well.  Still, Cafe Royal’s generally vegan-friendly menu is a definite draw on an avenue populated by Polish bakeries. Sometimes gentrification is OK – when it’s vegan that is!

Another great thing about Cafe Royal is that it’s a large space by Greenpoint standards, so even on a busy Sunday afternoon  there is usually always a spot where you can warm up, savor, and people watch to your heart’s content.