In a post on Greenpoint Church website on 2/10 it was announced that the shelter on Milton St has ended and will move to Ascension on Java St:

“The past few weeks have been challenging ones in the time of our church. While we were hopeful that a respite bed program would work well for our neighborhood and those seeking shelter, we are saddened that, for a variety of reasons, the respite program will move to Church of the Ascension on Kent Street. We wish them many blessings and are grateful that the program will continue to give refuge to those who need shelter from this cold winter. We hope that we can continue to dialogue with our neighbors and community on how best to solve our community issues. We appreciate the support we received, and hope that we can maintain healthy relationships across the board going forward.”

Tonight there is a meeting tonight Thursday 2/21 at 7pm at Ascension Hall.

Information on the Ascension Church website reads:

“Due to the abrupt closure of the local respite bed program which housed 10 or less local gentlemen (often polish) each evening from 9.30pm to 6am, the Church of the Ascension Parish Hall located at 122 Java has become its new temporary home through the remainder of the winter. This program will start at the conclusion of the week beginning February 3rd. There will be an informational meeting on Thursday February 21st at the Parish Hall at 7pm for feedback, suggestions, and improvements. We look forward to hearing from you. “


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