Jon Pywell © Jennifer Galatioto

This week, the most appropriate Greenpointer for the weekly portrait series is my love Jon Pywell, who is a “ghost contributor” to the website. We met as neighbors on Kingsland Ave and I fell in love with Jon while I was editing his tree video (below) that I made for the website.

At the market on Saturday someone asked him how he is connected with the website and he said, “I’m Greenpointers’ boyfriend.” He is also hilarious.

Jon is endlessly supportive of everything I do and lends his skill of problem solving and his man strength to all our events. His pick-up truck is the official vehicle of Greenpointers, too. And his patience for this full-time “project” is unwavering, whether I’m up at 3am scheduling an email blast or when tote bags and market decorations are crowding our living room.

Jon also likes trees and cats (and squirrels – see video), so he instantly gained my Mom’s approval.

He is a great man and I love him!


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  1. Very informative indeed. I must take umbrage at the assertion that dog urine is harmful. At our dog park in Forest Park all our trees are thriving in spite of the fact that they receive copious amounts of urine.
    All the best.
    Rocco il vecchio paparazzo

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