Wanna help your man slim down this Valentines day? We are not talking about shedding some lbs but loosing some inches from those wide ties hanging in his closest.

SKINNYFATTIES is a new business that specializes in tailoring your favorite wide neckties. They provide an eco-friendly and money-conscious alternative to buying new skinny ties at retail value.

Founder and designer, Joshua Adam Brueckner lost his full-time job and didn’t have the money to buy job interview clothes. Instead, he learned how to tailor huge second-hand button-up shirts to fit. Then after finding a box of fat ties in his closet, he immediately thought, “I KNOW there is a way to make these cool ties skinny!”.

He did just that and became a real hit friends, one thing led to another and SKINNYFATTIES was born, becoming Joshua’s full-time gig. For each tie purchased and every tie tailored, a $1 donation is made to Career Gear, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps men transition into the workforce.


Post Courtesy of: Skinny Fatties 

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