Finally, the putrid and venomous, toxic and true waste of a blog – is throwing in the towel.
The best part is that he is the king of hipster irony, because he focused more on hipsters than anyone else cared – thus perpetuating the spread of the culture he despised.
The only thing I will miss is all the traffic he brings to the website when he makes fun of us here. Good riddance! Finally the loser, who spent so much of his life caring about people who don’t care about him – lost.
I wonder what he will do now? Grow a beard? Eat a $10 candy bar? Change his name to Brent? Join a kickball league? Brew his own sustainable local Kombucha? Make a terrarium? The hipster world is his for the taking!

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  1. “The best part is that he is the king of hipster irony, because he focused more on hipsters than anyone else cared – thus perpetuating the spread of the culture he despised.”

    That’s one of the dumbest sentences I’ve ever read. Congrats!

    1. My blog Die, Die Hipster has a rolling tribute to the great/horrible site that was die hipster.

      I started it years ago to reveal the identity of his posters – I got a few of them. And I kind of just hung around. The site in the end had some useful commentary on the changing face of New York City. In the end I learned a lot about New York and where things may be going.

  2. This pathetic turd needs a life real badly. He got his 15 minutes of notoriety so he can now rest his pathetic case.
    BTW, if you want traffic to the site, you may consider me writing rants and other unorthodox and politically incorrect diatribes. It’s worth a try. Always ready to lend a hand.

  3. LOL. Still trying to pin me as a tryhard interloping beardo huh Jentrify? I know it hurts that a dummy like me from real Brooklyn can capture the country with so much truth about the most self absorbed phony pseudo culture ever. And you sit there getting 2 comments a day about microbrews and pet sweaters. Sorry I’ve caused you so much pain and sorry I wasnt smart enough to know you’ll delete this. But at least I know you read it.

    The Great Diehipster

  4. LOL DH once again nailed it. Jen-trify averages about .6 comments on her regular posts that cover groundbreaking Ye Olde Breuklyn Neuws such as organic compost pick up, kale Ceasar salad, and other vapid Hipster stereotypes.

    I bet this post’s readership is up at least 200% over her normal readership levels simply because of DH’s link.

  5. Don’t think for a second that the end of posting at means hatred of Megans and Joshes invading the neighborhoods of normal people to drive up rent prices and make the places unaffordable for anyone without a trust fund and enlighten us all about your sense of cultural superiority – even though most of you grew up as the quintessential uncultured, banal American suburbanites — will be dying or diminishing any time soon.

  6. I guess he finally found out that most of his readers were basement dwellers and Internet “tough guys” from the various flyover lands that he despises. That blog holds the world record for the world’s largest circle jerk. It’s the same 6 virgins going back and forth with the same 5 jokes.

      1. Yeah, don’t be discouraged by all the hater posts you’ll probably get. He closed down their comments without warning, so they’ve scattered like crackheads after a den raid with nowhere to go. His “community” was filled with bigger losers than even the “great” DieHipster… and he knew it was the truth. I’m sure you can see the ip addresses, just as he did. Yeah, 300 comments a post… same 6 guys. He couldn’t even figure out how to get revenue from the traffic. I guess L&B Spumoni doesn’t need to advertise to 350lb virgins in Kansas City.

  7. Poor little wich. kiddies. At least DieHipster gave some value to your pathetic lives by noticing you and blasting you all. That’s all you pathetic transplants want, no? Notice ME!

    You should really thank him for the publicity! At least that was FREE!! OMG!!!!

  8. Loved Diehipster. Sure it was venomous and toxic (and hilarious), but as someone who’s job transferred me to Brooklyn from my home town of Los Angeles (another city being overrun) it was refreshing to read the blog and understand the anger having to deal with rent artificially raised because of the children of the white flight generation wanting to play out their urban fantasy after a childhood feeling alienated. Things that working families where I grew relied on like farmers markets were all of a sudden hip and cool and more expensive than any supermarket (used to be the other way around…was the point of farmers markets) or how as a dad I could not go to North Brooklyn or Manhattan and meet anyone raising their own children. Just blonde babies being pushed in strollers by Jamaican women, and no one seeming uncomfortable with it….Trying to be a regular working class family in this town is a lonely experience because the place is a playground. Diehipster was a nice place to vent for those of us from communities that did not commodify and brand even the most simple things. I’ll miss it.

      1. You can reduce it to that, but the site got me through the transition to this ridiculous place. It’s undeniable that a lot of what makes up north Brooklyn are kids from affluent families treating the urban landscape like a playground, which might be fine if it didn’t so upset the housing market that it’s now an unaffordable playground. What I don’t understand is why these folks from privilege backgrounds didn’t utilize all of those resources and just start up shit that appealed to them in their hometowns? Some of us just want to be able to afford to live peacefully with our families and not compete with an externally boosted economy of fun seekers. The cost of living in formerly working class or even poor neighborhoods in cities throughout the US has been grossly increased because of a complex that suburban kids carry with them having been raised by parents who didn’t want their kids growing up to close to the rif-raf. Most of us went to public schools and had parents who worked multiple shifts, or were away, or incarcerated etc…..did not have the same advocacy kids with stay at home moms or dads have, and some of that could have been balanced out had those families stayed in the cities, but they didn’t, they fled to the burbs to raise their kids, and now their kids having watched the cities produce all the culture are flocking back into the cities to feel connected and have fun. So we got stuck with the shitty schools but still did creative shit in our cities, and now a generation of rich kids wants to settle there and enjoy the ambience and history with little understanding of what that means for the very people who made the cities seem interesting in the first place. So they took their tax money and parental support and left our schools to be shit, and now their kids come back when it seems cool……am I generalizing? totally, but there is a great deal of truth to this and I wish more folks who make a play club out of a community understood the implications and general grossness of their whims.

      2. Jen G., after living only one year in Greenpoint, you wished you could start a blog about it? So where are you from? Originally, I mean. Where did you spend your formative years?

        Because this is the problem (which you sound like part of): there is A LOT of Nowhere in the US (a good read, by the way, is The Geography of Nowhere). Suburban cul-de-sacs that are almost entirely indistinguishable from one another, regardless of what state they happen to be in. And the folks who are raised in Nowhere–through no fault of their own, it should be noted–are, for the most part, very empty people. It’s an American tragedy, frankly. White Flight and out-of-control real estate developers and chain megastores have created, over many decades now since WW2, a hideous nationwide suburban (and, worse, “exurban”) landscape. And these sterile, identity-less places create kids desperate for identity, desperate to feel like part of something real.

        And, so, The Great White Return Flight is returning these kids–often generations removed from urban life–to American cities and, holy shit, that toxic mix of privilege and desperation that they bring with them is ruining great cities. The hipsters are the most annoying, of course, but The Great Diehipster rightfully pointed out that yuppies and yupsters ( I thought I was the only one who used that word until I saw him use it! the “creative class” is often the worst of two worlds!) are equally destructive.

        Like Asian carp, these invasive species are devastating, and homogenizing, cultural ecosystems wherever they are introduced. New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, etc.; the story is the same everywhere. There are just too many zombie kidult lemmings from the Great American Nowhere and they often have lots of their parents’ money to spend. They’re unstoppable. And they are turning every place into no place at all. Just like they’re used to.

        Well, Diehipster will be missed. He fought the good fight but, unfortunately, like too many others, finally fell against the zombie masses from Nowhere. DH, if you read this, thanks for all of the great hipster beatings. Wish you could beat a few more, champ, but, well, you did the best you could.

        And, Jen G., “Greenpointer”, back to my original question: what hideous patch of Nowhere are you from? C’mon, come clean…

        And, look, all of you Nowherelandians didn’t choose where you were born and raised. Your idiot parents did. But, please, wherever you land, try to have some awareness of your impact on where you are. And, holy shit, please don’t be so weak that you cover your arms and legs with tattoos before the age of 25 just to fit in. You will almost certainly regret that. It’s an incredibly stupid thing to do.

        So long, DH!

        1. you’re not better than anyone because you grew up in NY. you had no choice in the matter. ny is a place people come from all over the world. you don’t own it and can claim no right to it just because your mom birthed you here. get off your high horse.

        2. DH, you and many others live in this fantasy NY that started with Tony Manero and ended with MC Search. Hell my mother’s NYC of the 50’s would find DH’s a cretinous joke. I’ve been in this city for almost thirty years and if you’ve been here for any length of time, you know it constantly changes. In the 20’s you the original Kidults, Zelda and FScott running up tabs at the Plaza; then Beatniks from New Rochelle invaded; the Art Invasion (Kenny Scharf, Basquiat, etc) of the East Village in the 80’s, Eurotrash in the 90’s and so on.

          Today’s hipsters are nothing new. NY has always been a playground for dilettantes and try hards. Some actually succeed (Nora Jones, Moby, etc). To blame them for pushing out working families misses the point. The nation has changed. The factory jobs of the burroughs are done. Even more so, there’s less work in the Midwest. People got to pick up stakes and start someplace else. At least what you call hipsters do make an effort trying to create industry where there was none, unlike the crack head on my stoop, the fuck tards clocking all day on the corner, the token booth clerk who may or may not have a pulse.

          And if some of the new transplants price out the racist fukskies that wouldn’t give me a lease in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Bensonhurst back in the day because I was too swarthy for their ilk, well I hope they get priced out of their hood and are forced to live amongst those they fear.

  9. Nah, Jen. That’s not accurate. I’m not sure what generalizing people like that does for you, but it is wholly inaccurate and dissapointing. I loved that site because I thought it was hilarious if not occassionally over the top. It pointed out the insanity of one of the offsprings of our consumer culture and I thought did so perfectly. I am not white, not Christian and not racist or biggoted; I am not a member of the “majority”. I just like when people who do hard work are rewarded and folks who contribute and I mean really contribute, not just make a lot of noise and make a mess are rewarded in what is still without a doubt the greatest country in the world. It’s very difficult to see kids who have never had to work a day in their life, waltz into a area populated originally mostly by the “have-nots” and the hard workers who are trying to earn their keep and upend it. These kids (some as old as 40 and 45 years) have a seemingly unending supply of disposable income and are very vocal and snobbish about it. They are inherently hypocritical and contradictory trying to “harken back to a simpler time” a time I guess when large corporations didn’t run things, however they all own iPods and designer clothes that are made to look hand me down and worn in. All the while being extremely judgemental of others. It’s frustrating to someone who doesn’t have that kind of disposable cash and disposable time to see someone who does making a public spectacle of themselves and living “ironically”. It really has nothing to do with race, gender or your sexual status as one poster above stated. I am successful because I work hard. I show up to work and do my job with passion. A job which contributes to the better of society. I pay my taxes and do not mooch of others. I hope you can understand how after all of that, it is hard to also be called a bigot. It’s not fair. I doubt anything I would say here will sway you and honestly I don’t intend to. However I do think folks should take a moment to see how their actions affect others. I don’t need a long vitriol and profanity-laced reply on this because honestly I won’t read it. I honestly don’t care if I have spelling errors in the comments section either. I don’t know what this site is. I am only on this site because it was linked from diehipster. Understand that the stigma between the haves and the have-nots will always, ALWAYS be in place. The have-nots and the hard working Americans need to have a place to discuss their point of view as well and relate to one another. That you take such offense to this seems to speak more to issues you may have trying to control other peoples opinions. More than anything though, I am sad to see the site go.

    1. I thought it was funny at times, too. But often it was violent and brought out the worst in people. Hatred. That to me is why the blog always lost and always was a waste of time. Sure I read it and laughed at the hilarious descriptions of of hipsters, but reading through the comments was pretty sad.

      1. I hear your problems with it, but do you hear what we are saying? This inequity in this city and in other cities brought on by the factors we’ve identified is not a joke. It makes for a really hard time for most of us. My work brought me here, and I am doing my best to make it work and raise kids and try and enjoy what this city has to offer, but the white flight boomerang from it’s Park Slope form to it’s Williamsburg form has created commodification and branding of EVERYTHING. For those of us not here just to play around, the unnatural raise in the cost of everything, while perhaps benefiting a few old building owners has devastated the working class families.

  10. Hahahahahaha! Look at Jentrify begging “Transplant” to be a regular – of all people a person named transplant to help a “Brooklyn” blog. Jentrify, don’t you know Transplant is the #1 commentor on Brooklyn Paper who calls everyone else a troll? It’s hard getting people on your side as easily as it is for me, ain’t it? Don’t worry Jentrify, I’ll push plenty of traffic your way if and when I want to: it just probably won’t be from people who enjoy an article from you about a group of Minnesotan beardos having a tree naming ceremony in McGolrick park after kale brunch Enids.

    1. As much as I would love to contribute, I live further down in BK and don’t make it up to Greenpoint that often. Plus, I’m quite busy. Anyway, as far as being a “Top Commentator” at the BK Paper… I’ve made like what, 10 comments ever. So you must mean top quality over quantity, thanks. Which brings us to the point I’m trying to make: Yes, Jen, you will be flooded by the sad, now orphaned, trolls from Die Hipster’s basement circle jerk. They are much like the fans of radio shock jocks – dedicated, loyal, but socially inept out of their sad clubhouse. DieHipster knew this and had to shut it down as even he was being creeped out by his loser fan base. Hopefully these guys will come out from the basement and see that the rest of the world, including Brooklyn, is moving on as it always has – natives, transplants and immigrants. The majority of us really aren’t concerned with their lunatic, hateful and envious rantings.

  11. I”ll miss him- he was over the top, but you would be too if you felt you were being forced out of your ‘hood by a bunch of snobby trust-afarians.

  12. “DieHipster knew this and had to shut it down as even he was being creeped out by his loser fan base.” This sounds likely. How long, for example, could someone have sustained a campaign in Brooklyn against waves of incoming Jews or Italians a century ago. Doubtless there were crackpots who tried.

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