There is definitely a false sense of security in New York City these days and the recent attacks on women in Bushwick is an example. No one wants to live paralyzed by fear, afraid to walk home in the dark, especially when it’s dark in the winter at 4:30pm, but there are ways to be safe and still enjoy nights out.

Safe Walking

Grab some friends, hold hands, sing songs and keep your eyes open. The more people you are with the less likely you will be the target of a hold-up or sexual assault. Dogs are great deterrents as well. If you see someone who you think may be dangerous, walk into a nearby store, then call a taxi or a friend. Avoid industrial, dark and desolate streets. There are a lot of those in Bushwick and Greenpoint. If you must walk home alone, call a friend while you’re walking, so if something does happen then the person on the other line can call the police. But don’t be off guard, stay alert.

If it’s late and you don’t have a partner call, Brooklyn Bike Patrol, (718-744-7592) who are “dedicated to making the women of Brooklyn feel safe as they travel from train stations to their homes in the evening hours, 7 days a week.” You just call ahead before you get onto the train and these heros will be waiting outside to escort you home or anywhere in the neighborhood, from anywhere in your neighborhood (e.x: bar, friend’s home, restaurant, bus stop). Hours of operation: Sun-Thur. 8pm-12midnight and Friday-Sat 8pm-3am.

Another great service is Right Rides, whose mission is to “offer women and LGBTQGNC individuals a free, safe, late night ride home on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:59 PM – 3 AM, (early Saturday and Sunday mornings). Call (888) 215-SAFE (7233).

Be safe, Greenpoint!


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