Rendering of proposed changes on West Street. Source NYC DOT.


The Department of Transportation (DOT) is set to unveil their plans for the Greenpoint waterfront route at Community Board 1’s next meeting.

The DOT is proposing the conversion of West Street into a one-way street between Eagle and Quay Streets. The plan also calls for moving utilities that are currently above ground on West Street underground.

The big change will be the construction of a two-way bike lane. The bike lane will connect to the Kent Ave bike lane at Bushwick Inlet and continue north to the planned pedestrian bridge at Ash and Commercial streets which will connect the Brooklyn waterfront to Queens.


The CB 1 meeting at which the presentation will take place will be held on Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30PM at the Swinging 60’s Senior Citizen Center, 211 Ainslie Street.

Download the DOT Greenpoint/Williamsburg Waterfront Implementation PDF or visit  the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative to learn more.

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  1. I’m very curious about this planned pedestrian bridge over the Newtown Creek. I hope and I pray that there are separate bike an pedestrian lanes. As a pedestrian, not a biker I’m am sick of getting clipped by bikers as I try to walk over the Pulaski bridge on the side walk. PEDESTRIAN bridge would also imply that the bridge is intended for people who are walking not on a bike, but I suppose that would be quibbling.

    I’m all for biking, I really am. I think it is a wonderful way to get around this city. I just loath the percentage of bikers who think that being on a bike gives them license to be complete assholes. For example, if you run through a stop sign and nearly hit me as I’m crossing the street – that is your fault. There is a reason that all street laws apply to bikers.

    Sorry, rant done.

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