A message from District Dog:

“PLEASE HELP. I know a lot of you are dealing with personal losses and already helping friends who lost everything. But if you can find it in your heart to FOSTER kittens or pups please call me ASAP. Due to the storm, the city shelter is killing about 200 animals tomorrow morning. If you can please take 1 or 2, they can be tiny kittens or anything you would like we will be forever grateful to you. I will provide all food and medical. THANK YOU. PLEASE EMAIL US AT BEA@DISTRICTDOG.COM”

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  1. Hey, I tried to post an extensive list of rescues to contact but I think it got auto-deleted because of course it had a lot of links in it. So here’s a version with no links and that will require extra googling on your part.

    Hey everyone interested in fostering! You can see at risk animals from Animal Care & Control on facebook here:
    DOGS: facebook dot com slash Urgentdeathrowdogs
    CATS: facebook dot com slash PetsOnDeathRow

    There are many, many rescues you can apply to foster with. If you don’t receive emails back from District Dog, please try the following:
    Posh Pets (cats & dogs): poshpetsrescue dot org
    Zani’s Furry Friends (cats & dogs): zanisfurryfriends dot org
    Anarchy Animal Rescue (mostly Staten Island, mostly small dogs): anarchyanimalrescue dot org
    K9Kastle (small dogs, cats, special needs animals): email tciabat at gmail dot com
    Anjellicle Cat Rescue (cats): site anjelliclecats dot com
    Rebound Hounds ResQ (dogs, occasionally cats): website reboundhounds dot org
    Red Hook Dog Rescue (dogs and special needs animals, prefers Brooklyn fosters): email Harriet Zucker at harithspi at gmail dot com

    Please start emailing/filling out foster forms early — tonight they will post the NYC death list (at risk animals will be listed on those facebook pages) and then the killing starts at 6am. And obviously nobody can process your application/call your references if you email them at midnight.

    You can also go straight to the NY ACC in Brooklyn, Manhattan or SI and just ADOPT DIRECTLY: see wwbsite NYCACC dot ORG but only if you intend to keep the animal for the rest of its natural life. You can reserve at-risk animals to get them off the list via the NY ACC website, but you have to go get them the next day or they have a nasty habit of killing the animal in spite because you are a no-show.

  2. I emailed District Dog earlier and received this response:

    Basically, this is a case of “when it rains, it pours.” There several factors at play that have contributed to a sudden surge in homeless animals.

    The Animal Care & Control Center is Down.

    Under normal circumstances we are in daily contact with AC&C about animals that are to be euthanized and can act swiftly to handle the daily addition of a few animals from kill shelters. However, the Animal Care & Control web servers have been down since the storm. This means that no emails are going in or out, and none of the standard alerts are being sent to rescuers regarding incoming animals, so no shelters have been able to perform their daily rescues.

    Local rescue shelters have been hit by Sandy.

    Many of the rescue groups who pull animals from AC&C were themselves hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. They are without power and their volunteer staff, thus they have been deterred from their life saving activities.

    The Staten Island shelter was evacuated and it’s currently not working.

    What this means:

    As a result. there are an extraordinary amount animals are piling up in city kill shelters with very little response from rescue groups and shelters, thus the city will be forced to euthanize all of the animals currently in their overcrowded shelters.

    This is where you come in!!!

    We have reached out to the public because of a severe lack of support from the usual national animal rescue groups. When AC&C servers come back online this week and they begin killing animals again, Adopt NY would like to be ready to save as many as possible. Our facilities can only take a few animals, thus we need committed foster parents who are ready, willing, and able to take care of a homeless animal, or two.

    If you can open your home to a homeless animal, please fill out the foster application here http://www.doghabitat.org/volunteer/foster/
    and get it back to us as soon as possible. In the application, please specify what type of animal you’re prepared to foster (Dog/Puppy, Cat/Kitten or a full litter of bottle babies). We want to pre approve as many qualified foster parents as possible so please fill out the application thoroughly and indicate whether you have any constraints on how long you can foster for, and whether you have any pets currently.

    If you’re not able to foster an animal, you can still with a donation to ADOPT NY that will go directly to this mission.

    As we mentioned, AC&C has not been able to put out a euthanasia list yet, so we have no information on gender, age, breeds, etc. However, below are the most recent links (pre storm) to animals inside the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island shelters.



    At this time we cannot accept foster applications from people outside a 25 mile radius of Manhattan. You must be within an hour’s drive and be prepared to come to shelters to pick up your foster animals.

    Thank you again from all of us for stepping up. As soon as the lists resume, we’ll update you with the latest on how you can help DHR save the city’s animals. In the meantime please fill out the attached application as fully as possible and get it back to us within in the next 48 hours.

    Adopt NY

  3. Urgent! Only a few hours left to save this beautiful dog.
    PLEASE HELP! HAS UNTIL WEDNESDAY NIGHT 1/28/14**URGENT** – FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED – AT RISK OF BEING EUTHANIZED. https://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/rescue-me-/297118Please Share for EXPOSURE. Thank you!! This animal is sitting in a hi-kill shelter in SC. LCAR is willing to step up for her if we have a foster commitment or adopter.Sweet CLAY is a 1yr old male and weighs approximately 40lbs. He is good with other dogs but not so great with cats. He has demodex (skin condition – not contagious) but has already started treatment smile emoticon Clay truly is a sweet boy.CLAY is UTD on vaccinations, HW negative and neutered. Please help us SAVE HIM. If interested, please fill out an application @www.lcarescue.org. Foster Home Needed on Long Island, NYWe can process out of state adoptions.

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