Readers, consider yourself lucky that I don’t talk much politics on this blog. Most people are just plain tired of thinking about the upcoming elections. Lots of people I know don’t even bother to vote.

But, if you do care about Greenpoint and the decisions that directly affect you and the community, then make it a priority to vote tomorrow, Thursday September 13th, 2012, in your local election.

Click here for important voting information.

You may have noticed the handsome young man at the farmers market on the weekends handing out pamphlets. That is Lincoln Restler and he is pretty rad. He is up for re-election as State Committeeman, and he needs your vote. The last election was won with only 121 votes.

Lincoln is an outspoken leader, born and raised in Brooklyn, and is working hard to reform local politics. He fights hard for jobs within the community given the rapid development here and cares about the environmental issues we are faced with in Greenpoint – things we should care about.

Lincoln pushed hard to save the G train extension and helped spearhead efforts to realize new green spaces on Commercial Street and Java Street. This year, Greenpointers partnered with Lincoln to create a community volunteer fair and a very important talk about the safety of living in Greenpoint.

Last week, Assemblyman Joe Lentol announced his endorsement of Lincoln Restler.

A few weeks ago, I had Lincoln over for brunch for our very first podcast, which we will post later today. Stay tuned.

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  1. In case anyone doesn’t know, Mr. Restler is a Democratic Party State Committeeman. This a political party position and only registered Democrats can vote for the position. He does a hell of a lot more with his position than most district leaders, but as a party official, he only represents Democrats.

  2. Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum and Lincoln Restler a lasting friendship.

    Lincoln Restler a tireless advocate for the entire community has fought for many years for the Satmar group under the leadership of the great Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum.

    Vote Restler so he will continue to fight on Rabbi Aron Teitelbaums behalf.

    A vote for Restler is a vote for Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum of Satmar.

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